Safety pressure monitoring, confirmation of accumulator bleed off for guard access preconditions, back pressure detection and process control.

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Safety pressure monitors have been design to interface into new or existing safety systems where residual pressure must be depleted. The monitors consist of a non-adjustable preset between 3 & 6 psi switchover on depressurization and 15psi switchover on rising pressure. The pressure monitor incorporates a two-pole positive driven plunger type switch, with positive opening contact pre-approved to category 4 safety applications. A single pressure monitor is suitable for category 2 applications when used in conjunction with another safety function or two independent units are suitable for pressure monitoring in category three or four applications.

Application: Hydraulic
Max Pressure: 340 Bar
Switch Contacts: 1 x Normally Closed (Safety) & 1 Normally Open
Fixed Set Point: 4 psi on depressurisation, 15 to 20 pressurisation Normally Closed contact change of state