PX2M - 1/2" Pneumatic Safety device

PX2M - 1/2" Pneumatic Safety device



2 x 1/2” Pneumatic Safety Valves

1 x Series ported manifold

2 x 1/2” silencers

1 x Filter/Regulator

1 x Lock-out/Tag-out module

1 x vertical mounting adapter plate

2 x 10m monitoring leads

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Directional control valves for pneumatic safety applications in five port-two position sliding spool type with static

seals, mounted on a safety manifold configured for three port-two position operation. Each valve incorporates a

two-pole positive opening plunger type switch with mechanically link opening contact. This model has

certification to meet Australian & European machinery safety standards. Valves are supplied with 24VDC

solenoid coils as standard.