PBS612M - 1" Pneumatic Safety Device

PBS612M - 1" Pneumatic Safety Device


1" dual 5 port 2 position solenoid valves mounted on a safety manifold configured for dual 3/2 operation with a positive opening spool monitoring switches.


Valve working Pressure Range: 250 - 1000kPa
Port connection:
1" BSP
Compressed air filtered to 5 micron and/or lubricated
Operating temperature range:
Max +50 Celcius
Cv (flow factor)
P to A 8.2
Maximum Operating Frequency:
2 Hz
Activation time:
35 Milliseconds
Deactivation time:
140 Milliseconds


2 x 1” Pneumatic Safety Valves

1 x Series ported manifold

2 x 1” silencers

2 x 10m monitoring leads

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Directional control valves for pneumatic safety applications in five port two position sliding spool type with

static seals, mounted on a safety manifold configured for three port two position operation. Each valve

incorporates a two-pole positive opening plunger type switch with positive opening contact. The two models

offered have certification to meet Australian & European machinery safety standards. Valves are supplied

with 24VDC solenoid coils as standard unless otherwise specified.